Choosing a Business Name

Now that you have got decided what kind a business you are beginning, you need to work out a name for you are business. Think of a name that people will keep in mind and encapsulates what you do. It also helps if your business name is not long and is simple to spell. This will help those that need to keep in mind your name and make it a lot simpler for people to find you in Yellow Pages, Google etc…

Simultaneously you don’t need a name that is common with perhaps a slight variation. You may generate confusion between other companies and make your business hard to find on different directories. For example of my suppliers for signage is Connect Enterprises and looking for their net site on Google is impossible but of the other signage supply companies Australian Visual Solutions is found straight away. For more help you can also search brand root on the internet.

Depending what kind of business you are beginning you may not need your business name to lock you in to a positive locality. For example if you are beginning a hairdressing business that you need to franchise or open lots of stores across the country you would not need to lock your self in to a name that says for example Hair Street Hairdressing Echuca. But if your business is servicing manly local customers, for example an auto repair shop, you may need to be known as Nolan Street Auto Repairs so when you start promoting your business people will know what you do and where to find you. For more help you can also search on the internet.

Another thing to think about is adding text or a slogan along with your logo. It may help your business or appear corny and unprofessional. For example you may need to commercial some text under the logo to reinforce what you offer, for example of our customers business name is Katz Naturally then they added restaurant – caf to reinforce what the business offers. If your business is broad adding text under to logo can help clarify to customers what you can offer.