Crystal Clear Music That Plays in Any Room of Your Choice

Wireless speakers are great if you want to listen to music from your iPod all over your house without installing cabling. How do these speakers work? The wireless speaker itself contains an amplifier and this two low distortion power amp drives the woofer and the tweeter. Some models have more than 2 speakers. A few models have dedicated amps for each driver. Others will only have a single amplifier which is fed to a crossover network. These amps supply up to 80 Watts of undiluted RMS power with ease and efficiency. You will be thrilled with the deep bass and the crystal clarity that is produced. These speakers are known to produce CD quality sound. The great news is that you can purchase as many speakers as you want and you can set them up in the various rooms of the house. The iFinity transmitter will transmit the music from your iPod to as many as four speakers. You can place one speaker on the patio, one in the kitchen and the other two in the lounge for a wonderful surround sound experience. Each of the wireless speakers is paired with this iFinity transmitter that works with the simple push of a button. Get more details about wireless speakers from this website.