Disposable Plastic Cups: Made From Polystyrene

There are several disposable packaging, made from either plastic, paper or other alternative materials. Most of you have interacted with products made from these materials, ranging from cups, plates, trays, cartons, carryout bags, to napkins. Disposable plastic cups! This is one of the most used plastic made commodities.

These cups were designed in the 20th century. Disposable paper cups ruled from 1907 to 1970s, when the plastics one were developed. These cups offered the suitability of on-the-go drinking, which scraped the need to wash role. Following the advancements in industrialization more disposable plastic cups have been made, hence taking more responsibilities over the ones made from paper. Walk into coffee shops you will get them, not forgetting their usage at parties or offices to serve drinks and water. Bachelors and spinsters embrace the existence of these cups than any group humans out there.

Disposable plastic cups are made from polystyrene, a type of plastic. This has made them to be of lightweight thus they are easily portable. The designers of this particular type of cup were interested in conserving the environment. The polystyrene material used to make these cups is biodegradable. This material can be recycled thus; it helps in saving resources and reducing the amount of waste in our environment. Here is a link www.lovecustommugs.com to get ideas on newly designed plastic cups and mugs.