Dog Boarding: What To Look For In A Kennel

Inevitably for a number of us, a time will come when our pooch and we must part ways for a few days. If all of us are old hands at this, we may be satisfied with our current dog boarding hartford situation, but might ask ourselves whether we truly know what goes on behind the door.

Take into account that lots of kennels are heavily booked during the summer and holiday seasons, sometimes as much as a year ahead of time. Give yourself time well ahead of time to see the boarding facility.

Bear in mind that larger kennels, despite telling you otherwise, usually do not have the staffing and time to furnish the amount of human attention and contact you need,. Having no more than about 20 runs is a great indication that individualized care will be given, all other things being equal.

Ask Questions:

Some kennels overbook, in which case you might find that a few of the dogs are simply crated to accommodate the overflow. You have to inquire about it.

Naturally, you will want to learn about feeding and exercise schedules, vaccination requirements and staffing at night. Will your pet have a separate run? How are emergencies handled? Will the kennel’s policy allow you to bring your dog’s favorite food and a few toys?

What are the prices? Are there services for which there are additional fees? Remember, you can believe its better for your baby to get nice furniture and posh setting, but those are simply there for you to pay more. Your little Woman could really care less. Rates vary widely depending on topic and location.