Everything You Want To Know About The Chinese Language

A lot of countries speak Chinese. But I wonder if they ever vary in some way or another. Citizens of Hongkong, China, Taiwan and many others use this language as their main dialect. Hence, I resort to the internet to answer all my queries. And I realized that all my presumptions are true.

I learned online that Chinese language is indeed subdivided into different categories. In fact, it comprises 7 main dialects. Among these are Cantonese, Madarin, Min, Hakka, Wu, Xiang and Gan. Hence, it can be possible that two Chinese speaking individuals still find it hard to understand one another if they are actually using different types of Chinese dialects. For instance, people in Hongkong speak Cantonese as well as some overseas Chinese communities. On the other hand, Taiwanese speaks Mandarin and Hakka.

Ninety two percent of Chinese population is Han Chinese. And majority of them speaks Mandarin language. While a lot of them are bilingual. Though Mandarin is the most common language used in their education, media and government, other Hans use another type of language at home.

When touring asia vacation, it is nice to know the language of the place as well. If Hongkong is the place that you have planned to visit in your backpacking vacation asia, make sure that you know what type of Chinese dialect are they using. You can never be too sure that you will be able to communicate well with people of Hongkong even if you have learned to speak Chinese language. After all, the dialect that you have learned may be different from the one that is being used by their locals. Hence, if you are planning to study Chinese, you must know your purpose for doing so. This way, you will end up speaking the exact language that you need.

On the other hand, it is interesting to note that Chinese is originally monosyllabic in nature. But the recent ones like Mandarin come with many compound words.