Horse Saddles For Sale – How to Choose the Right One

The saddle is among the most important pieces of horse riding, so there are lots of things to remember when choosing horse saddles for sale. First, the riding design should be recognized. Generally, the saddles are of English or Western types but the other types of saddles are also available such as polo, dressage, jumping, and racing. In English riding, the rider holds one reign in every hand and tells the horse to turn by lightly pulling one reign, which uses pressure to a bit in the horses mouth. You can click here to get recent updates about horse riding saddles.

Western-design riders hold both reigns in a single hand and tell the horse to turn by transferring their weight or placing the reigns against the horses neck. The western ones are bigger and heavier than English saddles and were initially intended for hard-riding cowboys. The riders weight is distributed equally across the horses back, allowing the horse and rider to be comfortable on long rides.

Dressage saddles permit the riders leg as well as the horse to get the most contact. The flaps are cut straight and narrow and these saddles have a distinct cut than an English saddle.

For jumping, a hunt seat saddle is used. This saddle was initially made for fox hunting and it affords the rider a better standing for jumping. Horse racing needs a flat racing saddle. All these are really lightweight and have really short stirrups so the rider can lean forwards as far as possible.