How Syndication Works to Increase Your Readers.

If you have a passionate interest, you may already have a business or blog about it. But if you are like me it is very discouraging to take several days to write my paper only to find less than a hundred people have read it. If you use your interest to generate income through retail sells or ads, makes this even more frustrating.

Article syndication services can help drive more readers to your article by cross-referencing with similar blogs or other websites. This means that someone wanting to read about zoos will be given a small excerpt or title about my article about the Cincinnati zoo exhibits in the text of another article about zoos.

This is much like search engine optimization in that it can help people pick my website out from the billions of related sites on the Web. But unlike SEO it creates a direct link between two websites. SEO simply rates pages based on existing links but does not create these links. Syndication services back link to my blog and captures reader’s interest by showing the title and first paragraph of any given article.

Reputable article syndication services respect license regulations and ownership rights so there is much less worry about intellectual theft. I love the exposure this gives my work. I may decide I want the service to stop placing certain back links or to change the pages that are affiliated with mine. I can ask if it is in the license agreement.