Is Chocolate Really Healthy?

Chocolate is produced from cocoa and is a sweetened and processed food. Experts have always suggested that dark chocolates have many health benefits. They have been known to fight different forms of cancer and relieve you from stress. Chocolate is made from cocoa which is a great source of minerals like manganese, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and iron. Cocoa also contains procyanidins and catechins. Diet meals that can be bought from the Internet with coupons like the Nutrisystem coupons are rich in fiber and proteins and help to bring your blood glucose levels and pressure levels in control. Cocoa products likewise help to reduce high blood pressure levels.

Some lab researches suggest that when your diet is rich in cocoa it may help you fight against bowel cancer. Stress hormones can also be effectively controlled with dark chocolates and this is perhaps why eating dark chocolates may benefit you. Most of the studies however focus on the benefits of cocoa extracts and not chocolates per se. Results are promising because cocoa has been effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases. But when cocoa is combined with sugar to produce chocolates, the results may not be that encouraging. Chocolates are energy dense foods which can lead to weight gain along with heightened risks of various diseases.