Riding Lawn Mower Troubleshooting Tips

One of the most useful pieces of equipment you can have in your front yard is riding lawn mowers. Riding mowers are basically used for cutting large sections of grass. These are manufactured by a number of reputable companies that have a proven track record in the industry. Riding mowers come with fifteen horsepower and even higher gas motors. They offer single, dual and even triple blades along with support seats and reliable electronic ignition. If you own a riding mower, it is essential that you know how to troubleshoot it properly. Here are a few guidelines for you to consider.

If you have a riding mower that refuses to start, do not immediately call a technician to come look at it without trying a few simple methods first. You can begin by simply adding a small amount of gasoline to the fuel tank and then try to start the motor. Nine times out of ten, the homeowner simply forgot to put gas and that is why it would not start.

If you know your way around engines, you can attempt to locate the in line fuel filter in the gas line. This is the one that extends all the way from the base of the tank up to the carburetor. Remove the in line fuel filter and drain the gas onto a plastic container. Install a new one and then put fuel onto the tank.

You can also brush off any corrosion that you discover in the battery terminals using a stiff bristle brush. Check the connections to see if there is anything loose. Apply a small coat of anti-terminal corrosion in order to safeguard the terminals.

Remove the sparkplug and see if there is fuel present. Dry it off and brush any carbon that is present with a stiff brush. Replace any damaged sparkplugs as necessary. Contact your local MN equipment supplier if you need more information on how to fix your riding mower.