The Different Penalties Associated with DUI

Driving under the influence is a serious offense that has taken the lives of countless people in the United States. It is a criminal offense and depending on the number of citations or penalties the offender has accumulated it could be classified a simple misdemeanor to something more serious as a felony charge. If you have been charged with driving under the influence, you need to immediately hire a DUI lawyer Winthrop MN so as to help safeguard your rights. Here are some of the penalties that you can expect if convicted.

Drivers that have a DUI citation can lose their license depending on how many times they have been convicted of the offense. If it is the drivers first conviction for a DUI then it is possible that the license may only be suspended for a prescribed period of time.
However, if it is discovered that the driver is already a repeat offender the court will move to permanently not allow the person to ever get behind the wheel again and if he is caught driving under the influence again and this time without the license the penalties could be very severe in the form of jail time. It is important to know that the DMV of the Department of Motor Vehicles also have the right to suspend or confiscate the license of an offender as well. Each individual is allocated a certain number of points and if they violate any traffic rules they then lose these until their license is suspended indefinitely.

For habitual defenders and those that were involved in serious accidents that led to bodily injuries and loss of life of the victim, the court will designate appropriate prison time for the offender. Aside from serious jail time the offender will also pay fines and will face a civil case from the victims family. The court may also instruct the offender to attend rehabilitation programs so as to treat the drinking or drug problem that caused the DUI in the first place. Depending on the severity of the case, the judge may even allow the offender to serve his time at the facility. Talk to your DUI attorney Winthrop MN for more details on the possible consequences of being charged a DUI offense.