The Fundamentals of Graphite Packing

Graphite packing, such as those found at, is ideal for use in high-temperature industrial applications wherein you have to ensure that you manufacture the best quality products possible. Graphite packing helps drop shaft wear and is more resistant to various strong, toxic chemicals compared to other types of mechanical packing. In addition, graphite packing provides excellent thermal conductivity and requires fewer run-ins.

Graphite packing is the real answer various types of rotary shafts, including agitators, pumps, expansion joints, and continuous digesters. Carbon and graphite packing are used to seal mixers, pumps, dryers, agitators, valves and other related mechanical equipment. Graphite packing is sold in volumes or is supplied in die-formed rings specially made to match a clients requirements.

Lots of experienced fabrication employees and the needed equipment are now on hand to meet a customers specifications for graphite packing. The best companies that provide high-quality graphite packing provide a comprehensive inventory that includes a line of mechanical packing or compression packing including carbon and graphite packing, open and closed cell sponges, neoprene (SCE) sponge, a large number of PVC foams made to match U.S. automobile industry standards, and EPDM (RE) sponge in all measures of thickness. The experts at Blaylock Gasket and Packing will assist you in selecting the right material for your equipment based on temperature, shaft speed, and the medium that has to be sealed.

Moreover, there are a broad array of industrial plastics, including UHMW, polycarbonate or Lexan Polyethylene, Nylon, and rigid PVC, available in custom molding or sheet form. O-rings are on hand in both metric and standard sizes, or these may be customized