The Jack Russell Terrier Profile

Jack Russells were first bred in the Devonshire region of England in the early 1800’s by a guy called Mr. John Russell. Jack needed to come up with a terrier breed for fox hunting, a dog which was courageous and unafraid, would head from the front and possess the stamina for the pursuit.

The Jack Russell began life as a fox terrier, and isn’t a pure breed as it was the mix of other dogs to generate a new working terrier. The breeding program was continued after Mr. John Russell died in 1883 as the strain was becoming ever very popular. It’s testament to Mr. Russell and what an astonishing strain he created that the jack Russell has been maintained and is so highly valued not only across the country but across the world. Selection of useful dog training technique can be very helpful for you to work with your dog to build a better relationship.

First and foremost the Jack Russell has been bred as a working dog and as a hunter, they can be unafraid, very strong willed, driven and have a great energy level.

Jacks are additionally among the very intelligent breeds of not only terriers but all dog breeds; they’re very lively and full of excitement and will constantly be more than pleased to play, even if they’re exhausted. However Jacks don’t take any type of physical mistreatment, while it is from an adult, child or a different dog, this makes the Jack unique as it’s such a powerful sense of personal limits. Kids should be instructed the best way to play with and handle the dog, and must learn to honor the terrier.