The Return of Farming Based Games

Supercell has bought back the farm games with a bang. Their game Hay Day reintroduces the long past farm games with the gesture based Hay Day. For use with the I-pad and I-phone you will do the basic farm tasks such feed animals and plant crops. However, with this you will interact with animals or whatever you would like to interact with by tapping on a tool and by dragging your finger can accomplish the task you are working on using seamless animation.

Collected resources need to be used or distributed elsewhere on your farm. As with other farm based games you will craft items to sell in your roadside store.

Tasks such as milking or building is a one- step method and may take minutes or hours before completion. Through the use of Facebook and/or game center you can connect and trade with others. As with many of the farm games many of the challenges are locked by levels. Once the feature is unlocked you are free to work with it as often as you would like.

The return of the farm based game has been revitalized and with hay day hack codes as well as can bring your love for farm based games back.