Tips from an Auto Accident Attorney in Riverside

Even though car accidents happen on a daily basis, every auto accident attorney Riverside knows the changes it can impact on the lives of every victim including their families. According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than half of the victims come out with permanent disabilities that can include paralysis and brain damage among others. Things can happen in a blur, but the consequences are long-term. There are some helpful suggestions that victims of auto accidents can take into consideration.

1. Make sure that the incident has been reported to law enforcement authorities. It will be difficult for any attorney to argue your case and get compensation for you if no report has been filed.

2. Get the information of the driver responsible for the accident. This will make it easier for your attorney to track him down. Aside from the name, address, and number of his drivers license, also note his contact numbers, vehicle information and description as well as the insurance company where he has a policy.

3. Take note of witnesses. Get the name and contact numbers of witnesses and ask them if they are willing to provide details in court if necessary. Accounts from third parties are very vital in establishing fault and responsibility for the accident.

4. Ask the information of the officer who responded to the accident. It is important to have a complete account of the entire accident as well as a copy of the officers report. Get the badge number, agency, and the name.

5. Documentation is important. Today almost everybody has a camera on their phones. Ask someone to take pictures of the scene, your injuries, and other relative details. You need to show this to the auto accident attorney Riverside practitioner for proper evaluation.