What Is A Hummingbird?

This youtube video downloader features the hummingbird, one of natures most interesting creatures. It is one of the worlds smallest birds. In fact, it is so small that its wings are not like those of other birds. Instead of flapping and gliding, hummingbird wings move very quickly like those of insect wings. This gives the buzzing sound that has earned them their name.

Hummingbirds are different from other birds in that they do not consume insects or meat or fruit, but much rather sip nectar like bees do. They have a long beak that allows them to reach into flowers more easily. This makes them an important pollinator species for the fruiting cycle.

Hummingbirds are astonishingly agile. They can hover in place, and quickly move in any direction, like helicopters do. Hummingbird wings beat up and down to as much as 70 times per second just hovering in place, and up to 200 in high-speed flight.

Hummingbirds are native to America, ranging from as far north as Canada and as far south as Chile. Native Americans were highly respectful of the hummingbird, assigning the bird an important place in their mythology. Among the celebrated Nazca lines in Peru is a figure of a hummingbird.