Yummy Ice Cream, Yucky Brain Freeze

The fall season is coming but I still love eating ice cream! I went to the closest Baskin Robins last night and a couple was sharing the same love of ice cream. One of them was screeching in pain as she yelled out, “oh that brain freeze!” Such a pain! And when she saw my astonishment she mentioned to me, “oh, don’t worry, I get this all the time even without the ice cream. This is normal to me”. Now I was really taken aback! How can having a headache all the time be “normal”?

The doctors of @JWChiropractic, located in midtown manhattan, says that there are many types of headaches. Those include tension headaches, migraines and cluster headaches. They all need to be treated differently and should really be attended to if they occur often. If you suffer from one headache a week, that’s essentially 52 headaches a year! If you suffer from 3 headaches a week, that’s 156 headaches a year! That is by and far NOT normal. In these cases, attention should be taken to resolve this problem.

Some people may just take a pill to try to fix the pain, but if you do the math on how often you have the pain, that’s also a lot of drugs! ie. if you have 156 headaches and you need 2 pills per headache, that’s 212 pills per year! Your stomach and liver must not like you at all.

Solutions can be as easy as changing your posture, but it might be something more serious like a nerve impingement. Only a healthcare specialist can diagnose you properly and see to it that the only pain that you have in your head is when you’re having that ice cream again. Oh brain freeze!